Nadezhda Grishaeva, in a recent conversation, shed light on her exhilarating collaboration with Belal Abiad, the founder of the Sole Ball Above All project. Grishaeva’s professional drive stems from her encounters with inspiring individuals like Abiad, a dedicated basketball aficionado.

Sole Ball Above All Sports, under Abiad’s guidance, excels in organising basketball leagues, tournaments, and coaching across all age groups and backgrounds. Providing a safe, friendly, yet competitive multicultural atmosphere, SBAA is a leader in its field, with a presence in both the UAE and Australia.

The potential expansion of SBAA presents an exciting opportunity for collaboration, including the prospective launch of the Nadezhda Grishaeva Basketball Academy. Grishaeva was deeply impressed by her visit to the Academy at GEMS DUBAI American Academy and Abiad’s passionate discussion about SBAA’s tournaments.

For talented players, SBAA is a gateway to major basketball leagues worldwide, such as the NBA, NCAA, NBL, ABA, LBL, and the UAE Professional League. This aligns with Grishaeva’s interest in nurturing young talent as a basketball agent.

As basketball’s global appeal continues to grow, Grishaeva and her collaborators are committed to its promotion worldwide.

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