Let us introduce Nadezhda Grishaeva, a professional ex-basketball player with experience in the North American basketball league. Nadezhda also played for the French Arras Pays d’Artois, the Turkish Besiktas. She is the winner of the European Cup and The Euro League medallist.

Nadezhda Grishaeva is a founder of the ANVIL. She stands behind the club’s original design, advanced training equipment, professional team, and its own community, all those X-factors that surprise members and visitors.

Anvil Fitness Club is a place for those who appreciate a unique environment, the atmosphere of body culture, and a creative approach. A distinctive feature of Anvil is individuality and aesthetics in everything, from the overall impression upon entry to the original cuisine. It is based on a personal mindset.

The inspiring atmosphere of art and form perfection was invented and brought to life by Nadezhda Grishaeva and her friendly team of collaborators. The emergence of Anvil was indeed an innovation in the fitness industry.

The Anvil is created with an understanding of what we long for in our urban city. It brings comfort, cosiness, and a personal approach, all we lack in the hustle and bustle of urban reality. You will be drawn by the creator’s imagination, impressed with its eclecticism and scale. 

The first thing you see when you enter is a monumental marble staircase and curtains made of steel -chains. Could you imagine anything more unusual in life or any sports club you have attended? Add to that huge torches, frescoes, antique statues, thousands of mirrors along the perimeter, and a giant-sized fireplace, and you are immersed in a completely different reality.

Three-meter mirrors, the unique colour of exercise equipment, and stage lighting can change the club beyond recognition. You are plunging into a very different realm during the day when the sports club is filled with natural sunlight. In the evening, its entire space becomes a theatre

of light and shadows, which emphasizes the beauty of the body, literally making people get the feeling of admiration for the human body reflected in numerous mirrors set as if in chaos. 

Anvil occupies an area of 2,000 square meters. In addition to its unique design, the club has combined advanced technology and best practices. The club stockpile has 76 equipment items, including the most modern strength-training equipment from Life Fitness and the legendary Hammer Strength. The cardio zone is equipped with Life Fitness Integrity treadmills. Here you will find Power Mill step-lifting machine, which is designed for the most high-intensity workouts that exclude any impact on your knees. The club also has the Row GX rowing machine for high-impact cardio, workouts for the whole body and the ARC with its unique arc stride trajectory.

The strength zone features the Life Fitness Premium Insignia Series machines, the unique Hammer Strength MTS series for working on explosive movements, and the Select series, suitable for beginners and experienced athletes alike. The strength zone features disc-loaded Hammer Strength, Plate-Loaded trainers. The bodybuilding area also features equipment from Cybex. For the more experienced lifters, the Life Fitness Cable Motion multi-gym is equipped to perform many functional exercises in a wide range of speeds and amplitudes.

The club has a rehabilitation room, a medical room, an initial examination room, and male and female sauna. The interiors’ design provides easy access and movement from one zone into another. 

The Anvil offers extensive spa programs, different kinds of massage, and Exfoliation for relaxation. The club’s team comprises fitness and bodybuilding professionals whose level is confirmed by certifications and licenses. The Anvil is genuinely a new generation of fitness and gym clubs. It is a work of art, the place to create your body. The club’s atmosphere will give each client confidence to accomplish their tasks and reach their goals. 

Many Fitness and Sports beginners think that to achieve good results, you must limit yourself severely in what you eat. And that’s not entirely correct. You can even eat burgers and get results. A club Chef, Alexander Nevsky, oversees the concept and menu at the Anvil Cafe.

Here you will enjoy excellent dishes, rediscover already familiar recipes in a new way, and find exclusive treats from the team of first-class cooks. Everyone can enjoy meals in The Anvil café and get a taste that can be admired even by a sophisticated and demanding athlete. It is the place to treat yourself to a delicious meal in a pleasant atmosphere. There is everything to have a lovely time before or after training. There is a tranquil atmosphere and the excellent cuisine of our chef to enjoy.

The Anvil is the club suiting for any taste and demand, any goal and ability. You can come here to feel better, to improve your health issues, get advice on diet or become a proper athlete. And who knows, it might be where you become an Olympian!


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